To those who can be moved,

To those who are waiting for an outbreak,

To those who do not take landscaping as a fashion,

To those who feel the mud between their fingers as a pleasant thing,

To those for whom finding our identity is something important,

And to those who deeply love nature.

Cristina Le Mehauté has dedicated her life to landscaping. His has been an impatient and free, playful and conceptual, passionate and absolutely personal search.

The images and texts in this book, which run through his private work and in exhibitions, illustrate his exploration.

Stopping at each of its pages provides a pleasant encounter with a fundamental chapter of the landscaping of our time.

“Jardin magazine, in its constant search to promote gardening and landscaping in our country, thus begins with a series of specialized books that aims to extend over time and in the memory of our readers”

Lucía Cané, Editorial Director of Jardín magazine.

The book can be purchased at Yenny Bookstore, El Ateneo Bookstore, Distal Bookstore, Cuspide Bookstore, GP67 Bookstore, Concentra Bookstore and others.