Continue creating magical and unimaginable dimensions that comfort and inspire the spirit, taking them to a dream place. The result is the expression of a mind that opens up and in that sharing new horizons are discovered.



At the age of 9 I discovered the whimsical shapes of cacti and the nobility of buds, from my grandmother’s muddy hands. I keep a tender memory that infected me to this day. When he denied me the desired segment by promising it for my next visit, he taught me that I can wait for things to happen.


At the age of 19, with boxes of flowers in the buses, my passion devoured balconies and gardens.


Mountaineering, that’s how I discovered minimalism, Mother Nature’s favorite work, and I understood that we are smaller than an ant.

Architecture, with it I definitely knew that I wanted to be a landscape designer.

Biology helped me shape a landscaping career that didn’t exist then.

The sculpture made me discover how to organize outdoor space.

Drawing with a black pen taught me to differentiate the three values.

Painting taught me to use color.

Therapy in its different versions helped me to accept myself, not to be afraid.

Life… still guides and teaches me daily. It is a walk to learn, I have no doubt about that.


Robeto Burle Marx, whom I respect and admire for having chosen art to express himself in all its forms, something that is clearly seen in his work.


Marta Schwartz, because with her clarity about what what we have lost of our natural patrimony means today, she elaborates a contestatory work, without fear.


The cinema, I have traveled little, the armchair is the seat of the plane that takes me for a walk through the sensations that help me create.

The Land Art -where the sculptors manage the space, saying, protesting, making manifestos-, gives me a sensation of pleasure that helps me to create from the landscaping, another art in movement.


At 67 years…

Making my documentary.

I study singing with joy and passion, they help me get what I have saved.

I learn to swim.

I am a naturist, but I don’t keep it to myself, I love to treat my friends and clients to my food.

I practice chi kun.

I have no television, thirty years ago.

I don’t have a car, I do have two bicycles.

I belong to the critical mass.

I am studying English for the first time.

I make works that reflect a story, an idea, a thought, the same thing I would do in a square, but contained in a pot.

I have a dog called Yaka, we are patient with each other and we take each other out for a walk.

I’ve been studying piano for 6 years, one day it will be my accompaniment, I’m in no hurry.


My book “Landscaping as expression”, 12 years old.

My 14-year-old “Cheer Up” course, which we did as a team with Guillermo Patiño and Ludovico Jacoby.


To Guillermo Patiño, without him my work would not vibrate.

To all my collaborators.

To those who are today.

To those who left

To the wonderful and patient providers.

And finally, to those who one day knock on the door and choose us, the sacred clients.

Thank you! Without you my work would not be possible.


Landscaping is an art in motion. A garden must be conceived as a work of art.